Wizz Air Virtual Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Wizz Air Virtual.

1) Membership requirements

1.1) 14 years of age
1.2) active IFC forum account
1.3) legal copy of Infinite Flight
1.4) legal copy of In-Flight Operations
1.5) access to Slack
1.6) preferably Grade 3 IF user
1.7) maturity at ALL times
1.8) approved registration and active account in WizzCrew
1.9) most importantly: the ability to have fun

2) Activity Requirements

2.1) ability to fly 1 flight in every 14 days
2.2) able to file PIREPs using WizzCrew as well as posting IF-O reports into Slack
2.3) a minimum level of activity on Slack channels
2.4) ability to announce flights on Slack
2.5) willingness to attend organised VA events

3) Pilot Code of Conduct

3.1) Pilots required to fly from their last arrival airport. Only exempts are GA Club and VA events.
3.2) Pilots to fly Wizz Air Virtual routes on the Expert Server.
3.3) Pilots to use their WizzCrew ID (WZZxxx) or their route ID (WZZxxxxx) while flying for Wizz Air Virtual.
3.4) Pilots to use external light properly at all times
3.5) Pilots not to taxi through grass/terminal or other aircraft nor to jump the queue or cut in line at any times
3.6) Pilots to use UNICOM or follow IFATC instructions at all times
3.7) Pilots to announce and preform a go around if runway incursion occurs and do not land on other on other aircraft at any times
3.8) Pilots to fly on flight levels according to VFR/IFR rules at all times
3.9) Pilots to notify VA staff as well as to contact the IFATC controller via DM on IFC if ghosting/report has been made (in case they feel they are not at fault). Pilots abide posting ghosting complaints on Social Media (IFFG) or creating rant topics on IFC.
3.10) Pilots accept and agree that PIREPs without In-Flight Operations report will be REJECTED.

4) Communication and Social Media

4.1) Our main platform of communication is Slack and our Official Forum Thread on the Infinite Flight Community Forum
4.2) We might or might not add additional communication platforms, like Zello or Discord
4.3) Wizz Air Virtual has YouTube , Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you DO NOT wish to be tagged on these platforms by Wizz Air Virtual, please DO NOT add your platform username(s) into the registration fields.
4.4) WizzCrew registered users who included their Twitter/Instagram usernames during registration gave permission to Wizz Air Virtual staff to tag them where they feel appropriate.
4.5) @channel Slack command NOT to be used by more than once per day.
4.6) #ifo_reports Slack channel to be condidered as read only. Any comments to be added to threads.
4.7) Excessive usage of Slack formatting tools will not be tolerated. Please refrain using formatting in every single message as this will jeopardise the actual purpose of this feature.
4.8) Our Slack is on a free plan. Please make sure you delete your media files at least once a week so we won\'t run out of the free storage space

If you agree with our Rules and Regulations, you may continue to fill out the Application by clicking below.

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